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Dr. Beauty Swe has been my primary care doctor for over 15 years. She has consistently provided exceptional health care to me and to many of my family members. Dr. Swe’s medical knowledge, professionalism, compassion and genuine caring nature make her an amazing and very special doctor. She takes time to listen and to help her patients, frequently going above and beyond for her patients. She collaborates with patients to produce positive health outcomes and she provides important tools and resources to help educate patients about healthy living.

Additionally, Dr. Swe has strong partnerships with medical specialists in the local community and therefore she provides the necessary continuum of care for high quality healthcare. Dr. Swe and her office staff provide superior patient care.

Dawn S.

Dr. Swe has been my doctor for almost 15 years. She is the ultimate, professional but has a pleasing manner and can relate to her patients. She has made excellent referrals and encouraged me to follow up when I was tempted to let things slide

This past year I had a stroke and she saw me through it including the therapy and I am now in Independent Living doing very well. I turned 89 in January of 2015 and am grateful to Dr. Swe for her guidance and help.

Mrs. Jean B.

For over 10 years, Dr. Beauty Swe has been our primary care physician. She is smart, caring, compassionate, thorough, and an advocate for her patients. We are truly fortunate to have her as our medical professional.

Judy & Richard F.

Dr. Swe has been my Primary Care Physician for over 20 years. Each time has she relocated I have followed her. She is without doubt the most knowledgeable, caring doctor with whom I have ever been in contact. She listens to everything and determines the problem. If that problem is outside her area of expertise she selects a specialist, one who is outstanding in his or her field. She goes out of her way to be considerate of her patients. She explains everything she does and makes sure that you understand the problem, the solution, and the relative importance of each. She is wonderful.

As to her staff, she has chosen well. Felicia is a very cooperative and conscientious receptionist/office manager. She is helpful, even on those occasions when Dr. Swe is out of the office. She goes the extra mile to find data, or forms, or whatever a patient might need.

After over 20 years I can say that Dr. Swe is truly without peers. I would never leave, never voluntarily go to any other physician.

Rebecca H.